Adriane Angarano, Ms, cn

Adriane Angarano, MS, CN is a Certified Nutritionist that specializes in functional and holistic nutrition for both individuals and families, infants to adults. She offers nutritional counseling and wellness coaching to help guide you through making food and lifestyle choices that best support you. 


As an advocate for Health at Every Size, she believes that health and well-being is achieved through much more than focusing on weight and body size. Finding positive, enjoyable activities for moving your body, addressing emotional stressors, discovering what foods are most nourishing to your body, and finding enjoyment in eating healthfully, are all part of this non-diet approach to health. If weight-loss is your goal, this approach may be better suited for you if you have a long history of dieting and fluctuating weight loss and gain. The focus remains on a sustainable state of well-being and long-term positive transformation, which often leads to lasting weight loss and improvements in other areas of your life. 


As a culinary expert and educator that believes food is a powerful medicine, Adriane infuses evidence-based nutrition with the healing power of simple whole foods into your nutrition plan. She has a passion for reconnecting people to real whole food and the joys of cooking. She teaches and leads individual and group cooking classes, offers grocery store tours, writes menu plans, and assists with meal preparation. 


As part of her integrative approach, and because often there are hidden internal factors affecting how we feel, she may recommend appropriate labwork (blood, saliva, or stool) to address any underlying biochemical imbalances and nutritional deficiencies.


Her areas of focus include:

  • Digestive problems (IBS, IBD, SIBO, GERD, etc.)
  • Food allergies/sensitivities
  • Fertility, pregnancy, and maternal nutrition
  • Childhood nutrition (incl. picky/selective eating)
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Cancer (treatment and recovery)
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol
  • Diabetes and blood sugar dysregulation 
  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) and other metabolic disorders
  • Weight control issues
  • Poor nutrition or eating habits
  • Cleansing and detoxification
  • GAPS™ (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Diet

It is a joy for Adriane to be an advocate and partner in your health journey. Adriane has been counseling individuals and families on nutrition and healthy living for more than 10 years. She is a teacher, a speaker, and leader having delivered many talks, lectures, and classes on nutrition and the role of food as medicine.


Adriane holds two degrees in nutrition: a Master’s degree in Clinical Nutrition from New York Chiropractic College and a Bachelor’s degree in Whole Food Nutrition & Dietetics from Bastyr University. She is also a Certified GAPS (Gut & Psychology Syndrome) Practitioner, has studied clinical herbalism and cross-cultural shamanic medicine, and has a daily practice of meditation, cooking for fun, and spending time with her family.