megan debell, Md

In looking for answers for my own chronic pain, I quickly stumped mainstream medical professionals. As I've gone from practitioner to practitioner (even getting on a plane a few times) what I wanted the most has been a professional to support and guide me as I continued to look for solutions. 

I am that professional. I will accompany, guide, and support you as we work together to understand your symptoms and find solutions. I want you to feel better.  

I consider myself a medical detective. I put together clues that might not seem connected to give you a clear picture of your health, and help you understand what you can do to care for yourself. 

My consultations in functional and integrative medicine are backed up by over twelve years as a medical doctor. In my years of trying to care for chronic disease in a regular medical practice, I only to watched patients get sicker despite taking their medications. My curiosity drove me to seek out answers and information about the deeper causes of disease and find a different model to care for patients. 

I am proud to be board certified in integrative medicine by the American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine (ABIHM). I have trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine and with Chris Kresser, MS, L.Ac. in his ADAPT clinician training program. My work includes an ancestral perspective, constantly reflecting on how humans have lived for most of our evolution (hint, it wasn't sitting all day at the computer and eating food from bags).

I also love to use mind-body medicine in my practice (ask me about my favorite meditation - shaking and dancing). I have completed advanced training with the Center for Mind Body Medicine. I enjoy facilitating mind-body medicine groups - in Seattle and at the University of Washington. 

For the last six years, I have also facilitated groups for physician colleagues and for students at the University of Washington modeled on the work of Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen. These groups help participants find meaning and inspiration in their work. I am proud to be a member of the clinical faculty in the University of Washington Department of Family Medicine.

I volunteer to teach medical students who provide care at free clinics for immigrants, the uninsured, and the homeless. 

I love food, cooking, and traveling. Feel free to ask me for my favorite recipe for any nutrient dense food you want to prepare. I speak Spanish and have volunteered extensively in Mexico.